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My Island Estero Island was born after a 35 year love affair with Estero Island. The island rumba beat and lyrics capture the joy and lifestyle of our island paradise.” 

Dee Platt

My Island Estero Island

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My Island Estero Island

My Island Estero Island comes straight from the heart of Dee Platt, slips into your soul and wraps around you like the warm rays of the Southwest Florida sun. Her fine tuned easy listening musical renditions of experiences on Estero Island and wonderful times shared with her husband Ken enjoying the Island lifestyle paint a picture of the life here in this tropical Paradise.  This Island is a playground to swim and sail in the shimmering Gulf waters or just relax on the white sandy beaches. It is the Island of friendly folks, endless days and magnificent sunsets. This is life in Paradise.  Come and join us on a journey of treasured memories and partake of the joy that Dee shares with us through her music, which captures the essence of the Estero Island lifestyle.

Original Songs Composed and Recorded on Estero Island by Dee Platt:


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Dee Platt
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